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Craftsmanship and Quality

The style of a shoe is determined by the right balance of shape and material. For over 50 years passion and diligence have characterised Formificio Fioretti. Nowadays this constantly evolving company combines cutting-edge production technologies with a deep-rooted artisan tradition: something which is essential in the shoe industry. The company actively collaborates with major brands in the shoe industry and participates in several major trade fairs, such as Lineapelle Milano.


For 50 years a constant commitment to customers


Tradition and modern technologies offer the best quality

Constantly evolving

Personnel in continuous training


Complete processing from the prototype to the finished product

With 60 years of customer service at it’s back, the idea for Formificio Fioretti came about from the founder of a family-run artisan workshop, Fioretti Armando, who was able to pass down his enthusiasm, diligence and devotion to his heirs and employees. It is for this reason that Formificio Fioretti has the trust and respect of their customers, thanks to its fast and dependable service and adaptability to changes in industry, fashion and styles. The shoe last maker starts working from the prototype up to reach the finished product, thanks to a technically advanced modelling department, where expert modelers develop the customer’s ideas by using cutting-edge technology. Following the first phase, the shape is scanned by high-tech optical digitisers, all the necessary data is loaded, and everything is sent to the turning and finishing department.

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High quality last company

with professional staff

Formificio Fioretti designs and makes footwear in Italy and Romania for men, women and children by using cutting-edge systems.
Our company collaborates with major brands in the shoe industry. Craftsmanship, tradition and technology combine in the Fioretti factory, always guaranteeing a high quality, premium product. We also design, develop and produce types of plastic shoe.

our primary objective

Customer satisfaction

Design production

Refined products created by genuine expert craftsmen

Shaping your ideas

We are the starting point of your creations

More than 50 years on the market

A huge range of models for men, women and children


The latest Project

The company produces shoe lasts by combining traditional artisan lasts with the most innovative production technologies, effectively responding to changes in fashion and style.